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Simulatore F1 Professionale

Simulator F1 Evotek

Motorsport Maranello rents out a professional Evotek simulator, one of the most advanced professional racing single-seat simulators on the market, developed as a result of a series of tests conducted by professional drivers.

The experiments made it possible to optimize and better synthesize dynamic motion along 3 main rotation axes: pitch, yaw, and roll.

The steering and braking system, as well as pedals and gearshift levers on the steering wheel, are professional and designed by professional drivers.

Motorsport Maranello has several SYM026 units which are also available for sale as used warranty simulators.

Rental Features

Professional Evotek F1 simulators can be rented for daily or longer events, individually or severally, throughout Italy (including the islands).

Each simulator requires a useful space of 3.5 x 3 meters, equipped with a standard electrical connection, with a flat and easily accessible surface for transportation and assembly.

Specialized staff is available to the client throughout the lease term.

Technical Specifications

  • Dynamic platform and self-supporting body.
  • Three-axis of rotation: pitch, roll, and yaw.
  • High responsiveness and accuracy.
  • Professional driving tools.
  • Quick and easy adjustment of the driving position thanks to the mobile pedal.
  • The body copy of racing cars.
  • Power steering feedback with very realistic user-adjustable dumping values ​​and a maximum torque of 8 Nm.
  • A multifunctional display that constantly provides the driver with data about the car and lap times.
  • Carbon steering wheel shift control.

Additional Information

The ability to connect two simulators on the network to each other for simultaneous competition and the organization of championships or competitions during trade fairs, events, parties, etc.

Our staff is a highly specialized and authorized parent company of Evotek to carry out any initiative to rent or buy used or new simulators with an official Evotek guarantee.

Rental expenses

  • Daily price € 800,00 (without technical assistance)
  • Weekend cost (from Friday morning to Sunday evening) 1,500.00 Euro
  • Weekly value 2,000.00 Euro
  • Monthly cost 3,500.00 Euro
  • Fixed installation cost 250.00 Euro
  • Transportation cost: 1.20 Euro / km
  • The cost of specialized staff available to the client during the event (daily / 8 hours) 90.00 Euro
  • Possibility of night presence: 80.00 per night
  • Additional working hours of 20.00 Euro
  • Security deposit EUR 1,500.00
  • Transportation throughout Italy, including the islands
  • Consumption 1.5 kW / h
  • Dimensions 3.50 x 3.00 meters

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